The Netherlands is the only country in Europe with fully regulated oral health care.

That is, the rates charged by dental practices are generally the same. Differences in costs may still arise because there are often multiple choices to be made and that there may be differences in material and technique costs. For more information on oral health care rates, visit and for more information on supplemental dental insurance, visit the website

Common dental rates:

Dentist Rates 2024 (Additional) Diagnostic Examination:

– C001 – Intake: €53.50
– C002 – Periodic check-up by the dentist: €26.75
– C012 – Comprehensive examination to prepare, record and provide treatment plan: €126.72
– C014 – Registration of pockets: €42.24


– X10 – Making and assessing small x-rays: €19.71
– X21 – Making and assessing a jaw overview photograph: €84.48

Prevention/Mouth Hygiene:

– M01 – Preventive information and/or instruction, per five minutes: €15.78
– M03 – Dental cleaning, per five minutes: €15.78

Other common treatment fees:

– T022 – Thorough cleaning of root, standard: €28.16
– A10 – Surface anesthesia: €17.60
– H11 – Tooth or molar extraction: €49.87
– H35 – Difficult extraction of tooth, with mucoperiosteal folding: €84.48
– V91 – Single-surface filling with composite: €56.32
– V92 – Two-surface filling with composite: €73.92
– V93 – Three-plane filling with composite: €88.00
– V94 – Multi-plane filling with composite: €112.64


When a treatment costs more than €250, you will receive a customized budget prior to the treatment. This budget is valid for two months and always subject to change. Costs may vary, depending on the treatment and technique work.

Supplemental Dental Insurance:

To find out if dental treatment is covered, contact your health insurance company. Reimbursements vary by policy and treatment. Review your personal situation before buying new health insurance so you can choose one that fits your needs.

As a practice, we can provide insight into what the expected reimbursement will be with supplemental dental insurance.

Ask your practitioner about this.

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