We strive to treat you with the utmost satisfaction and make your visit to our practice as pleasant as possible. In this, your cooperation is essential. To give you a better understanding of how we work and to ensure the quality of our care, we would like to share with you details about our procedures, our house rules, and information regarding your dental bill. Please review this information carefully.


Your first visit

During your first visit, you will meet your practitioner. Your practitioner will meet you and see what your dental situation is like. Some x-rays will be taken if necessary. In this way, we can understand the status of your teeth and give you the best advice. The cost for this appointment may vary, but is according to nationwide rates, at a minimum the cost of an intake (code c001).

Read more about an Intake consultation

It is important that you bring your ID and insurance card so that your personal information will be correctly entered into our patient file.

Our working method

Within our practice, we work according to a multi-chair concept. The clinical assistants are trained to prepare treatments, which are then performed by the dentists. Assistants are also trained to perform certain dental procedures independently. All clinical and preventive treatments performed independently by our assistants take place under the supervision of the attending dentist. Your dentist is responsible for the assistants.

Personal data

When something changes in your address information, phone number(s), e-mail address, insurance information or family situation we would like to hear about it. You can call us or send us an e-mail.

We would like to hear about any changes in your health situation and/or medication use. Consider, for example, pregnancy. Your practitioner will ask about this. This is because it is important for your practitioner to know about your health and your medication use so that it can be taken into account.


In order to give each patient adequate time and attention, we work by appointment. If you do not have an appointment but would like to be treated immediately, there is a possibility that we may unfortunately have to disappoint you, and we would like to avoid that.

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment by phone. Our front desk is ready to think with you and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. If desired, you will also receive a call or reminder by e-mail or text message.

Present on time

It is desirable that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive late, there is a risk that the treatment cannot be completed as scheduled or even has to be canceled due to lack of time.

Appointment Cancellation

If you are unable to keep an appointment, we kindly request that you notify us by phone or email no later than 24 hours in advance. This way, we have enough time to assign the reserved time to another patient. Failure to cancel on time or to show up for the appointment will result in a charge for the reserved time. Here, for the first time, we are accommodating. From the second time, the time will always be charged.

The reminders we send are an extra service to help you remember your appointment. However, you remain responsible for keeping your appointment. If you repeatedly fail to keep an appointment or cancel late, we reserve the right to deregister you as a patient of our practice. We count on your understanding.

House Rules

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant visit to our dental office, we have some house rules. By entering our practice, you agree to these rules.

  1. Respectful Behavior:
    Within our dental practice, we treat each other with respect. Discrimination is strictly prohibited. You can rest assured that our staff will treat you correctly, and we expect the same attitude from you.
  2. Safety:
    Weapons possession, theft, vandalism, physical and verbal abuse, and (sexual) harassment are not permitted in our practice. Violations are reported to the police, and all costs are recovered from the violator. Do you see an unsafe situation? Please report this to the front desk or one of our staff members.
  3. Smoking and Drugs/Alcohol:
    Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited within our dental office and associated buildings. The use of drugs and alcohol, as well as being under their influence, is not permitted in our practice.
  4. Animals:
    You are not allowed to bring animals to our dental office, except for service dogs which are welcome when needed.
  5. Privacy and Recordings:
    The taking of photographs, films, or sound recordings during treatments, of employees or patients, requires the express consent of those involved. Respect patient and staff privacy, including on social media.
  6. Property:
    Take care of your property. Our dental office is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of your property. Do not leave your belongings unattended.

Suggestions and comments

Do you have a suggestion, comment, compliment or complaint? If so, we would love to hear from you. You can always communicate them to us. This can be done in our dental office itself, or by mail or phone.

We will be happy to assist you.

Your dental bill

From now on, you will receive your dental bill directly from us via email. This contributes to a user-friendly experience and allows us to be more flexible and customer-friendly when dealing with payments or inquiries.

We submit the full invoice to your health insurance company first. Depending on your (additional) insurance, the health insurance company will pay part of the invoice to us. The remaining portion will then be invoiced to you and you will receive this invoice by email.

It is of course still possible to pay an (partial) invoice with us by pin. This can be done at our reception desk.

Our e-mail may end up in your “junk mailers” folder the first time. Therefore, would you like to check if you have received previous emails from us, such as appointment reminders, in your inbox? If not, please add us to the safe sender list.

The first email with invoice you receive is extra secure because of your privacy. This does not yet include personal information, and the relevant invoice has not yet been attached. You can view this first invoice via the “View Bill” link, and we will ask you to enter your zip code once for verification. If this does not work, your address information is probably not correct (anymore) in our system. In that case, please kindly call the practice. After this initial verification, subsequent invoices will be sent by name and with attachment from now on.

If you want to use the QR code from a (printed) invoice, use your camera and not your banking app. This QR code can be read with your phone’s camera.

Cost budget

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you will receive a cost estimate for proposed treatments with a cost over €250. Please kindly sign this budget for approval. Based on this cost estimate, you can contact your health insurance company to verify whether the costs are fully or partially reimbursed, or are fully or partially for your own account. Please note that we have no insight into the amount of your (remaining) deductible.

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