Intake consultation

At your first appointment, 30 minutes will be reserved for you. During that time, we would like to get to know you and hear about your dental needs and complaints. We also go over your general health with you. An oral examination takes place and X-rays and/or light photos are taken if necessary. Dental records and x-rays from your previous dentist can be brought with you at this visit or sent to us. After this examination, we will discuss the current state of your teeth with you in detail. Depending on the state of your teeth, and the availability of good recent x-rays, the cost and required procedures may vary. Overall, the cost is between €50 and €200 euros for the intake consultation.

Cost structure intake consultation

Below are the different services that can be charged for an intake consultation. The rates below are the official 2024 NZA rates.

C001 Consult on behalf of an intake €53,50
The purpose of this code is to check teeth (by default), examine the state of your gums, provide some advice and education, and refer you to a specialist within or outside the practice if necessary. If your teeth are in normal condition without excessive abnormalities, then this service is sufficient to put together a care plan for you.

A written medical history is taken from everyone.

C012 Comprehensive examination for determining and establishing treatment plan €126.72
This code can be billed instead of (not with) C001 if your teeth have many problems. That is, the plan goes beyond laying a few fillings and establishing a prevention schedule. Such a plan will always be submitted to you in writing including a corresponding budget.

M01/M03 Information and dental cleaning €15.78 per 5 minutes
In our clinic, prevention is normally done by our dental hygienists and prevention assistants team. Should your teeth have healthy gums and hardly any plaque or tartar, the dentist can also remove it at the same time as the check-up (C002). As a rule, you can say that patients with DPSI score 0, 1 or score 2 in 1 sextant can be cleaned and educated by the dentist during the checkup. If there is more to it we will refer to our prevention team. More information on the DPSI score can be found here.

X10 twice, Bitewing x-ray €39.42

Scientific research shows that with only visual inspection, more than half of the tooth decay between the teeth is detected far too late. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically take a special type of X-ray of the molars to check whether cavities are developing there and/or fillings or crowns are leaking. These photos are called bitewings, and the period between which they should be taken depends on your risk of tooth decay. Generally the interval is between 1.5 and 3.5 years, your dentist will estimate this based on your teeth and if necessary this will be adjusted later. If you have recent (<1.5 years) bitewings of good quality they do not need to be taken during the intake consultation. [/av_textblock]

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