Healthy gums have a pink color and close tightly around the teeth. It does not bleed while eating or brushing teeth. Healthy teeth begin with healthy gums, as they, along with the jawbone and fibers, form the basis for teeth. Those who keep their gums healthy can enjoy their teeth for a long time.

In the first stage, gingivitis, the gums show signs of mild inflammation, such as redness, swelling and bleeding when eating or brushing. A foul taste or bad breath may also occur. Gingivitis rarely causes pain, but good oral hygiene, including brushing and cleaning between teeth, can help the healing process.

Periodontitis is the advanced stage where inflammation spreads to the edge of the gums and/or jawbone. This can lead to loosening or even loss of teeth. Periodontitis requires a targeted treatment plan, such as periodontal treatment. Read more on this website about periodontitis. Our dentist or dental hygienist can provide more detailed advice on this.

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